Overhead contact system

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This activity is the beginning of EyM Instalaciones, S.A., having taken part in many railway electrification projects, both national and international.

The Catenary department develops different kinds of overhead contact line projects:

  • Catenary for high-speed
  • Catenary type CR-220
  • Catenary type CR-160
  • Rigid catenary
  • Tramway catenary

EyM Instalaciones, S.A. has the human resources and the rail machinery necessary for the design, erection and subsequent maintenance of these installations.

EyM Instalaciones, S.A. has taken part in the main high-speed railway projects executed in Spain, from Madrid-Sevilla H.S.L., until the last built Corridor Orense-Santiago-Coruña, being a national benchmark in this type of electrifications.

At present, it is involved in important overhead contact systemm projects as in the Mecca – Medina HSR project (Saudi Arabia), Marmaray project in Istanbul (Turkey), Monforte del Cid – Murcia HSR project (Spain), Line 3 of the Guadalajara light rail system (Mexico) and the Follo Line project in Ski (Norway).