Villoria pumping station. Spain

Spain / Salamanca

New Villoria Central Pumping Line, Salamanca. Spain

Client: Confederación Hidrográfica del Duero

Start year: 2017

Completion year: 2018

The project consists of the expansion of the Villoria Pumping Station (Salamanca, in Spain) with the installation of a third pumping line.

The main actions to be carried out are:

  • Execution of the necessary civil works: supports for the new pumping line, as well as the foundations and piping for the extension of the electrical substation
  • Supply and assembly of pressure piping (1.4 m diameter)
  • Assembly, testing and commissioning of new pump (flow rate 5m³/sec)
  • Expansion of the existing electrical substation, with the supply, assembly, testing and commissioning of: 30 MVA, 45/10 kV power transformer, current transformers, voltage transformers, circuit breakers, disconnectors and conductors
  • Expansion of the 10 kV busbar, with the supply and installation of new switchgear
  • Modernization of the power plant control system