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Electrical substations

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EyM Instalaciones, S.A. has a department dedicated to the design, civil works, assembly, testing and commissioning of all types of electrical substations:

  • Outdoor substations
  • Indoor substations
  • GIS substations
  • Mobile substations

It specializes in traction substations for the supply of electrical energy to railway lines and, specifically:

  • Traction substations for 1,500 V subway railways.
  • D.C. traction substations at 3,300 V
  • A.C. traction substations at 25,000 V
Central eléctrica Aeropuerto El Prat de Barcelona (España)

El Prat Airport power plant in Barcelona. Spain

Mecca - Medina High Speed Railway. Saudi Arabia

Mobile substations to rail line of Burgos. Spain

Mobile substations in Chinchilla. Spain

Ankara - Istanbul High Speed Railway. Turkey