AVE Mecca – Medina. Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia / Medina

Haramain High Speed Railway. Phase II (KSA). Saudi Arabia

Client: SRO (Saudi Railways Organization)

Start year: 2012

Completion year: 2018

Construction phase: 2018

Maintenance phase: 2030

Project awarded to a consortium formed by twelve Spanish and two Saudi companies (Al Soula Consortium), for the construction and subsequent operation for a period of twelve years of a high-speed line between the cities of Medina and Mecca, with a length of 450 km and double track.

EyM Arabia is constructing and maintaining 25% of the railway electrification of the line:

  • Overhead contact line: 225 km of 2×25 kV high-speed catenary
  • Traction electrical substations: two 380 kV / 2×27.5 kV a.c. substations
  • Associated auto-transformer substations: 8 ATIs and 1 ATF

The substations and associated auto-transformer stations have been equipped with all the necessary electrical, mechanical and control installations to transform the electricity supplied by the Saudi Electricity Company from 380 kV a.c. to the 2×27.5 kV a.c. required by the trains for their electric propulsion.

The following facilities have been implemented in the technical buildings:

  • Medium and low voltage electrical installations
  • Mechanical installations: air conditioning, ventilation, plumbing and sanitation
  • Protection and control systems